Marzac is a foundation which supports European initiatives around cars.

Granting subsidies, organizing events, or publishing papers, these are the supports through which Marzac will accomplish its missions.

The funds will be allocated in partnership with other organisations or corporations.
Victoire de Margerie created the Marzac Foundation in October 2009 in order to honour the memory and give the life to the values of her father: Pierre Marzac

Congratulation to all the participants of the second edition of Macadam by Marzac contest, humour and road safety have been honoured in all the videos and we are pleased to announce that the winner this year is Louis Madelaine, with the movie number 9 : for the second year in row with ability, passion and professionalism by Maxime...

Winner of Macadam By Marzac 2014

Mentions légales

Denomination and company name: : MARZAC fonds de dotation

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